Eduvolucion was born as a E-learning start-up focused on providing innovative solutions to develop your own educational system based on technological innovations. It will help you to build an educational community with your employees and / or customers with self-generated content. This start up is now known as Zalvadora.


E-learning Project Manager


  • Coordinated and monitored the online course development program which was an incubator of products for the E-learning platform.
  • Advised the professors of key elements to consider in order to communicate clear and concise messages to their appropriate target audience.
  • Managed, monitored and controlled the traceability of the construction of multiple online courses.
  • Created, adapted and optimised internal processes for the E-learning projects to ensure an effective performance.
  • Created and managed multiple site blogs that were used as key channels as part of the marketing campaign.
  • Implemented appropriate content creation, content curation, promotion and lead generation.


  • Development of a website that allows easy access to the creation of online courses.
  • Creation of internal processes (on-boarding, client retention) to manage the E-learning projects.
  • Creation of complementary channels to address the target audience (WordPress websites).



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