I coordinated the planning and execution of this event making sure we met the requirements requested by Milwaukee and that we were aligned with our branding.

Part of my tasks included:

  • Planning the budget
  • Drafting the messages for the advertisements
  • Collaborating with the media channels
  • Giving instructions to the designers
  • Pre-approving the artwork and ensuring it was approved by Milwaukee and my supervisor


One-day sale event where we promoted the Milwaukee brand, having special deals, giveaways and a cash-back promotion.

Marketing Campaign

  • TV Ads in AFL games
  • Radio campaign for 2 weeks
  • Newspaper ads promoted in The Mercury (Newspaper)
  • POS Material
  • Facebook posts boosted
  • Youtube Ads
  • EDM’s

Internal Stakeholders

  • Milwaukee Sales Rep
  • Procurement department
  • Store managers
  • Operation manager
  • Media agencies
  • Radio producers
  • Graphic designers

Set up & Attendees

  • Stock Display in 7 stores State-wide
  • Production of special tickets
  • Production of special POS material
  • Attendees: Approximately 250 people per store


Sales were increased by 50%.
Increase perception of brand awareness.
Gain market share.
Built strong relationships with key suppliers

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