I was in charge of promoting the event, organising the logistics, ensuring the participation of the attendees, and the subscription process, managing the communication and doing a follow up after the event.
Some of my duties:

  • Production of advertising material
  • Coordination of the subscription channel throughout the website
  • Management of the CRM
  • Sending out the communication
  • Automation of processes


11 months of cross platform sales training programming for tradesmen with one topic delivered every month, and a quarterly goal setting and review workshop.

Marketing Campaign

  • Website banner
  • Phone calls to the data base
  • SMS campaign
  • Youtube Campaign
  • EDM Campaign


  • Venue manager
  • VIP Clients
  • IT Department
  • Manager
  • Trainer/Coach


  • Retain VIP clients
  • Encourage our Loyalty program
  • Gain referees
  • Increase sales by more than 20% in some of the attendees
  • Encourage good reputation